Saturday, August 20, 2005

Knitting is manual labor, folks. That would explain why I seem to be so reluctant to get any done. Plus, it feels like 102 here. Days like this, I wish I were in Ayrshire, for sure. But, for your viewing pleasure, (or displeasure) here is the final bike seat cover, all crazy Aztec-color schemed. It's brilliantly colored and practically bulletproof. How do you get bulletproof felting? Your LYS runs out of bulky Brown Sheep and you have to use two strands of worsted. On a 10, folks, this stuff comes out TIGHT. Felted, it's downright in-dee-structable. This has gotten a lot of wear, which makes it look a bit scruffy, but it really wears well. I will stick to dark colors next time, however. I'm afraid the scan makes it look pretty ragged and... kinda ugly. (Tucie never outright calls something Ugly. She always says, "Momma, that's... kinda ugly."

I have a few pictures of a more sedate one I made with Manos Y Uruguay, which felts really well, too. More later.

Yes. More Boobah's died. They're getting harder to come by, unfortuately.


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