Thursday, September 15, 2005

I have my bike seat photos!!! Didn't the photographer--Wayne Morgan, of Hernando, do a great job? I love 'em.

They wear like alligator skin, too. Wayne did the photos in exchange for the maroon cover, which is Brown Sheep Bulky and Manos del Uruguay. The Uruguay felts like nobody's business--nice and thick--it means business. Which is good, because these can take quite a beating, especially up front. I highly suggest using two strands of worsted on a ten (or a ten & 1/2 if you knit tight) because it comes out wonderfully thick. These are prefect for protecting nylon gel seat covers, which work wonderfully for cushioning your tush, but ar
e all too soon needing to be held together with electrical tape.

The brightly (yea, caneth we sayeth obnoxious, pray tell?) colored one is my Brown Sheep/Extract of Boobah combination. What a punch it packs... Never loose my bike in a crowd of bikes, that's for sure. (I'll refrain from a Lone New Urbanist in New Urbanist Hell rant here).

Here's another shot of Wayne's.


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