Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ever have one of those days where you are just incredibly depressed? Nothing seems to be going in the right direction? I was having one of those days... I was applying to work in a bookstore (quite a haul from the homestead) and neither store I went to had any positions. I had finished the book proposal and was looking for something to bring in some extra income for the holidays. Nothing. I was so depressed that I bought a pistatio chocolate bar and ate half before I got home.

But God has a way of making nice things happen, even on rotten days. I had thought a picture of my first project ever had been lost, but it hadn't. I was rummaging through the closet at bedtime when I pulled out a hanging bag of yarn and stuck it in the front closet. I noticed that there was a disk in the bottom of the bag, and I was overjoyed to find the image on there!

So here it is: my first project ever. This is the very first thing I ever knit. No, I didn't have a pattern. Yes, I know that's freakish. Look closely and you'll see some mistakes. I did this when Tucie was three... she is going to be nine next month.


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