Friday, October 21, 2005

If anyone from Great Adirondack is reading this, let me tell you one thing. Please don't sell yarns that haven't been treated. I was really in love with your selection until tonight when I washed my Cha-Cha kerchief... I had put all my favorite kerchiefs in the sink (including my beloved aforementioned KPPPM/Rowan number) with the Great Adirondack cotton and the water turned red instantly! I threw them into the tub as fast as I could, and they were bleeding fuchsia! I couldn't believe someone would manufacture a yarn and charge so much for a selection that the dye had not been set! I expect cheap variegated cotton to bleed, but not $16 per 50 gram hank!

Here is the culprit.

And to make matters worse--I had made a mother and daughter set, and both were bleeding.

I have not had good luck with Great Adirondack designer-wise. After searching for a day or two for a website, I finally gave up and phoned them. I asked for an email to send them a photograph of my design and to see if they were producing another comparable yarn and I never heard back from them. I would have appreciated a “Hey, that’s cute!” (which is true ;-) but nada. What gives? Now that I discovered that the yarn bleeds like crazy, I am hesitant to buy any cotton from them, ever. This one is not going in the book…

The picture doesn’t do the original justice—it has the cutest gold thread running through it. Sigh.

So the question arises: am I supposed to treat this stuff before I use it??? And if I do, what do I use?


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