Friday, October 14, 2005

More fun from the Hidden Disk of Old Knitting Pictures...

In case you guys don't know it, I am working on a book proposal about learning to knit with kerchiefs. If that sounds unusual, then consider this: there is great teaching value in repetition. Why not learn to knit by knitting

a) something small that doesn't require any real sewing

b) is practical and makes a great gift (anytime you can combine knitting and a solution for a bad hair day has GOT to be a good idea)

c) You don't have to figure out which shape it's going to be unless you have a problem with trianges

d) They're quick.

Anyone who knits through the Budget Learn to Knit Book will have a through knitting education, and nothing they won't be willing to part with in the end. You will run the gamment of knitted garmets and you will not have to be afraid of any intermediate-level pattern you pick up in the store.

Now I said all this to say this not to plug a book that in reality, doesn't exist yet except if you count a five-page book proposal, but to say this is the kercheif that started it all. I wore it today. It has a gorgeous Koigu KPPPM, does it not??? The colors are quite luminous! I still have some of this yarn laying around somewhere... The green band is Rowan 4-ply cotton, available everywhere. No, Koigu doesn't make this shade anymore--it's a few years old.

Another measure of the book is no yarn in the book is hard to find, btw. Don't you hate those books that might as well have included yarns in Mongolia spun by monks who gathered the hairs from the Yeti's soft underbelly using hypnosis and tweezers? I looked through one book that actually featured a pattern and then said, "This yarn is no longer available." (Celebrity Scarves, if you're curious). Oddly enough, it was featured on Parker Posey, who is from my hometown. (God bless her, I hated the place enough to leave myself). No, I didn't know her, but I once got an application for a job from her dad at Posey Chevrolet (nice man, too).

There are other books that will follow, namely dishcloths which will teach stitches rather than technique. Sqaure, stitches, cheap, easy to find yarn, cheap, easy to give away, and cheap. Get it?

So don't ask me for this pattern, I think the publisher will frown on me giving it away for free.

Aslan is 21 months old now, so this is an oooolllld picture.

Now I am off to write Yarns to Go an article on knitting blogs... hasta pronto, too! Gotta be done by Monday! AND NO ONE COMPLAIN. ;-) (Ye ken who ye are, sae ye do).


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