Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Thumb That Could Not Be Repeated

Isn’t this a lovely thumb?  This is from a pair of gloves I designed a couple of years ago.  They are made out of an incredible yarn—Karabella Eight.  If anyone gave me a compliment on them, I would ask them to feel.  “See?  It doesn’t seem like wool, does it?”  Of course it doesn’t.  It’s Marino that’s fed soft food.  It’s incredible stuff. 


This thumb was the bane of my knitting existence for almost two years.  I made this wonderful glove with hardly a glance, and when I went to make the other hand… of COURSE I didn’t take notes!  I couldn’t repeat it.  The guilt that ensued can hardly be described.  It mocked me.  It was angry.  It was lonely.  It was asking me to get on and find someone who would want to knit it’s mate.  Papatya Curtis at The Yarn Studio—who’s opinion I respect tremendously on All Things Knitted—told me it was the best glove she had ever seen.  She also asked me to write up the pattern and I never did cause I couldn’t figure out what I did in the first place. 


So finally—wanting to reform my eternally procrastinating ways--I got aroundtuit on the other glove.  I knit up the body, and the fingers… and… stalled at that ($)(@)(#*)@ thumb.  It was too perfect to repeat.  It curled out, just like a real thumb, and I found I just couldn’t copy it.  Not willing to frog from here to eternity, I just knit it up.  I’m leaving out the bit where I ran out of yarn and had to order an additional ball from School for a whopping $12.  ($6.95 just for shipping one ball.  Never again—I was a one-time customer.  Yeah, yeah, I know they gotta make a profit, but $7 for ONE?)  $12, for one thumb.  One. 


Needless to say, they don’t match.  Left glove, perfection.  Right glove, anorexic.  Whaddya gonna do?  I know—take notes!    And re-name the blog “Knitting Savant”. 




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