Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ever get that astounding, somewhat disconcerting, brain-jarring reminder of What A Terrible Knitter You Were When You Started? Here's my past, biting me in the butt. My daughter decided to author a book on Barbie Fashions, for the younger and uneducated little girls out there. She was planning on selling it, but decided after a little suggesting that donating it to the library would make for a much better deal. This is one of the pages. It's not so bad if you consider that I made it a couple of months into knitting. I was trying to learn how to make a raglan sweater and I thought, why not try it out on Barbie. Putting the chain-mail skirt with it was a stroke of fashion brilliance that I, personally, was not cabable of making.

Dude. That's some baaaaad knitting.


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