Friday, January 13, 2006

Okay, now here's an odd problem for a parent to have: My child likes to spend a lot of time in his bed. Not odd, you say? Odd if he's a two-year-old boy. That's right. Destruct-o boy. Suddenly this past week he started this odd phase of existence--he gets to the point of de-construction where he starts to fall apart over the simplest things--say, a crayon. Bawling. You know, the point where you--as a parent say, "You need a nap." and out come the blowdarts. (Ah, so impressive, my blowdart prowess!) And just like his lovely older sister Tucie, he goes to bed without any problem and conk-o, he's out.
But not anymore. An hour or so into this "nap", I'll hear him... sitting or laying in his bed, jabbering away to himself. And if you go in, it's not bouncy bouncy up to get mommy to get us out, he backs up! Backs up to the other side of the crib and sits down. Mind you, I do not beat him or yell at him and whaddya know! He wants to stay in the crib. Needless to say, this is great for knitting time. Has anybody else experienced this???


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