Thursday, January 12, 2006

Well, here they are! The Big, Big, Bunny Bootees. I'm thinking about giving them some privacy and letting them make baby bootees, which would probably prove to be the right size! But too large or not, it's one less UFO hanging around. I was tempted to give them Great Big Teeth, but nah...

Speaking of Gauge, (capital G) I had to make three of the ears, as I had already completed one when I started this project early last year. As I have a seeming inability to do The Sensible Thing and take notes, I knit up three before I realized that I had used a larger needle to make the original one so they came out about 2/3rds the size of the first. So I made one extra large and put on one small for a flopsy look. (The stitching was done with Knit Picks Palette. I highly suggest that if you are a budget knitter like myself that you check it out.)

The yarn was Wendy's Velvet Touch. It's not cheap, but it goes the distance and I think is quite possibly the best baby yarn out there, nonwithstanding Berocco Plush.

Forgive the quality of the photo. Whilst my mother has the fancy camera, I am reduced to using a little white one with the words "Strawberry Shortcake" etched on the front, and only with my nine-year-old at school. (This is an offical Martyr Moment. Stay tuned for more).


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