Saturday, February 25, 2006

Here is a post looooong overdue--Tucie's shawl.

I have to admit, it did not knit up like I had hoped--I followed a Bernat pattern for the two-rectangular shawl on my ISM and it came out too short. However, I was too frustrated with the yarn to re-knit it. It is alternated Turkish wool (worsted) and mohair and it would break like nobody's business--right in the middle of a pass. I knew it wouldn't make another pass without completely freying (is that a Fraudian slip?) so I let it stand, and I must say, it came out rather well. I am very pleased with it.

The shiny stuff is Bernat Disco and I have a warning--if you buy Bernat Disco at a local discount store, make sure you get the ones in the back. The employees of a certain discount store--instead of winding the ball they will trim it with sissors. As a result, the foremost skiens become alarmingly short. I had to buy an extra ball of the blue to finish the last twelve inches--that's a big difference, considering the pink on the opposite side came out just right.

The dog is Sadie. She is our rescue. She actually came to live with us just after Aslan was born, staying with us two months. We thought she was the world's most charming stray ever. Unfortuneatly for us, the owner lived two doors over and had never bothered to look for his dog. He said that she ran away all the time. He refused the pleadings of my mother and I to pay for the dog. He said it kept his older dog company. Fast forward about fifteen months whereupon the dog came to our house numerous times only to have the owner show up the next day to fetch her. He finally tied her up in the backyard.

Fast forward twelve months. I tried not to think about her whenever I passed his house. He wouldn't let us see the dog (although he had promised otherwise) and something told me to go check on her. I asked the neighbor on the other side of him if she had seen the little dog and she said, "Oh, the dog died." I plotzed.

"Not the little dog," she said, "the older one--Memphis. It had died and was up against our fence for a week before we got ahold him. We were having family over and he said if we wanted it moved we'd have to do it."

So we checked on the little dog and sure enough, she was chained up--and starving. That afternoon, the dog showed up at our house. The nice neighbor told stinky man neighbor that she found the dog whining and loosed her. Houdini she is, she got out.

And that's what I'm sticking with. No, I didn't loose the dog, I didn't set foot in the yard.

I gave poor sweet Sadie (who he called P.I.T.A.) a bath and I couldn't stop weeping. Here was this poor dog who had so warmed and healed our hearts right after our beloved cocker Lady had died (when I was nine months pregnant with Aslan, no less) and she was so starved she was less than an inch wide at her waist. Half border collie half rat terrier, she was so weak that she couldn't even jump up on our bed. (Did you get the border collie = energy?)

She is fine now. She got out once and came back the next day with a P.I.T.A. collar on. She will not leave the yard now--not even if we leave the gate open. Dog knows a good thing when she sees it.

This has nothing to do with knitting (except unlike Chloe she will not chew my Brittany DPNs) except that the little dear loves to lie on the end of my recliner when I'm knitting. I just wanted to tell her story.

Has Stinky Neighbor Man showed his face? No. If he does, he may find himself stuck in the arse with more than a few broken Brittany DPN's. That is, if he doesn't loose conciousness when the piece of my mind hits him upside the head.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Is my son trying to tell me something??? Posted by Picasa